New Richland (Hong Kong) Company Ltd. New Richland (Puyang) Co. Ltd. and Richland Foods Pakistan PVT Ltd. are assotiated companies. Richland Foods Pakistan focus on foods processing in Pakistan, which produce foods for local markets and expirt for international markets. We will build a better platform which apply to advaced management for those who are interested in international business.


Cooperation - We seek cooperation with our employees, shareholders, and customers. Every ones who entry into the company will be our shareholders automatically, and finally registed shareholders according to company's policies. 

Win-win - This will be a win-win platform for those who want to put their energy and talent into this platform.

Changing - Continuous to innovation and progress to meet the needs of the market and society. 


We have the Certificate of Oil Processing and Certificate of Organic Plantation. We will apply for the Organic Processing and UN foods standard in New Richland (Puyang) this year. 

And we will apply for the HALAL and UN standard when we commence our production in Pakistan. We have gotten the land to build our factory now.